The No Interface metaphysical question

English version of my M2 podcast, episode #28 

Without interface, what would distinguish Nature from Technology?


As we’ve been told to be ready for a future with lots of datas, smarts objects and wareable computers, we can assume as a fact that interfaces are here to stay.

If we agree that an interface is the exchange gate between two systems that have to interact together: me and my car, me and my house, then talking about No Interface means we now integrate both systems one into the other.

That’s why when Golden Krishna talk about having no interface at all, one can feel it’s either to give us a break from the digital world or to make us dive further in the rabbit hole.

« The Best Interface is No Interface »

This episode is the English version of my previous episode, so Golden can share it with his network. Hope you appreciate, Golden!

Golden Krishna is currently a Senior UX Designer at Zappos LabsJeff Poulin, from Tout le monde UX, the group that invited Golden to Montreal, was kind enough to introduce me to him. He joined us for the discussion. Jeff is an UX specialist and own a startup, UBIOS, that develops a smart rig for home controlling without any interface at all.

The No interface concept is a reaction against too many interfaces that clutter our life. There is too many of them and they are mainly clueless about our environment and context.

By having better design, such ones that integrate the very context of the action, we can basically get rid of those useless interfaces. In fact, we’ll be inside a system where surrounding objects, with appropriate sensors and triggers, will seamlessly help us achieving our day-life tasks, processes or actions.

Why bother using an mobile app to unlock car if both systems are connected (the cell and the car). Let’s them talk to each other to anticipate that I want to enter the car when I pull the knob. The context is clear enough about what I want to do, isn’t?

The best interface, is no interface, says Golden.

But, here’s my very question: without any explicit interface, by making the machine invisible, do we create a new relation with Nature?

M2 #28: (English version) With Golden Krishna et Jeff Poulin
«The No Interface metaphysical question» (28 minutes)

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Behind the (audio) scene

My podcast is about how digital change the world, the society et our life. As a matter of fact, I have myself what is the equivalent of a traditional studio in my pocket. I records everything for this episode with my iPhone 5. I use a small Zoom IQ5 that connects directly to the lightning connector of my iPhone 5.


I order the iQ5 from Japan a few years ago (it was backorder in North America at that time). I does capture quite well the texture of the sound, at least for my taste. I can’t say I’m totally in control of my sound, I’m still working on my skills to get it right.

For the meeting, I used Breather. Breather is a Montreal-based startup leaded by Julien Smith that rent meeting spaces by the hour. They are also in New York and San Francisco. The room tone wasn’t very echo-ish, as that was my initial fear.

Doing this episode in English was a bit longer than I thought, as I’m a little bit rusted on that side. The French version can be found here.

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