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JupiterResearch Conversations – podcast

Voici une série de podcast (en anglais) de la firme JupiterResearch sur des sujets qui pourraient étoffer vos recommandations auprès de vos clients (ou de vos patrons) qui ne comprennent pas pourquoi ce qui se passe sur le web peut changer beaucoup de chose…

Web 2.0: What Does it Mean for Business?

So much is being written about Web 2.0 these days. The term is poorly defined, though. Is it a technology or a strategy? Is it an opportunity or a threat? JupiterResearch believes the Web 2.0 phenomenon presents excellent opportunities for new and existing businesses. Listen in.

Moderator: David Schatsky
Speakers: Michael Gartenberg, Barry Parr

Download: MP3 (29:29)

IPTV: Assessing the Obstacles and Opportunities

Numerous experiments, announcements and media coverage attend the rampant investment and experimentation in delivering video content over the Internet. Is there really demand for new TV & filmed entertainment serivces? What are the business model barriers and opportunities? What strategies are leading companies following?

Moderator: David Card
Speakers: Joe Laszlo, Todd Chanko

Download: MP3 (25:17)

Marketing with Blogs: Dos and Don’ts

The hype surrounding blogs is deafening, even though according a recent JupiterResearch consumer survey, just 11 percent of the online population reads them regularly. What’s really happening out there and what do marketers and publishers need to know and do now?

Moderator:David Schatsky
Speakers: David Card, Michael Gartenberg, Gary Stein

Download: MP3 (31:24)

Buzz Marketing and Other Online Advertising Trends

New technologies are exploding onto the scene to help marketers track and quantify the buzz that’s happening online–positive, negative or otherwise. Marketers need to know when their brand is being talked about and what is being said. What tools are available to help marketers to this? How do the tools stack up relative to the hype? What are the trends in ad formats, tactics and pricing?

Speakers: Gary Stein, Julian Smith

Download: MP3 (17:30)

Digital Home

Media and entertainment are becoming increasingly digital. And consumers are eating it up. The transformation of the media and entertainment landscape, and the meaning of computing in the home, present challenges and opportunities for vendors of hardware and software as well programmers and content owners. What’s going on in the living room? How digital is it today? What are the leading vendors up to and where are the opportunities?

Moderator: David Schatsky

Speakers: Julie Ask, Michael Gartenberg

Download: MP3 (33:18)

Blogs and Brands

Marketers and media watchers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of weblogs on the public discourse. Are they a fad, or an important trend? Are they a bane or a boon to marketers? What sorts of mistakes do brands make when they use blogs for marketing? Besides setting up their own blogs, how can brands take advantage of this medium? How can a brand just simply get their ad onto a blog?

Moderator: David Schatsky

Speakers: Michael Gartenberg, Gary Stein

Download: MP3 (32:24)

Paid Search and E-mail: Applying the Lessons of Online Direct Marketing

Advertisers are getting over the novelty of search and are beginning to view it as one more direct marketing tactic. Search spending will reach $3.2 billion this year in the US, driven largely by rising price per click, as advertisers deploy increasingly sophisticated strategies for managing bids and measuring the effectiveness of their search campaigns. What can they learn from e-mail marketing, the ultimate online direct-mail tool?

Moderator: David Schatsky

Speakers: David Daniels, Gary Stein

Download: MP3 (31:30)

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